DialpadBusiness communications wherever work gets done

Get your apps talking. With Dialpad and Slack, your team can ditch app toggling and use one, central platform for their business communications.After installing Slack for Dialpad, Dialpad Admins can choose which Departments or Call Centers they’d like to have Dialpad push Slack notifications. Those include activities like: When a call starts, is completed, or missed
When a voicemail or transcript is received (if available)
When a text message is received Need to return a missed call or voicemail? Simply click on the listed phone number to launch your Dialpad app.Want to make calls with Dialpad directly from Slack? Enable Dialpad as an audio call provider and use the Slack call button or slash commands to initiate calls to any of your contacts.The Dialpad + Slack integration requires a paid Dialpad account on either the Pro or Enterprise plan types. Dialpad offers a 14-day free trial for all plan types. In order to install Dialpad + Slack, reach out to your Dialpad Admin. This app does not sign up you up for any new emails, and does not interfere with existing text or email notifications you may already have set up in Dialpad.

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