DailyBotAutomated daily standup meetings, reports and mood tracking for remote or on-site teams

#1 Bot for Agile Teams. DailyBot is perfect for running daily standups, status reports, tracking motivation and analyzing performance of distributed teams.DailyBot boosts your team’s productivity by organizing async daily stand-up meetings asking every member the 3 key questions:- What did you work on yesterday?
– What are you going to work on today?
– Do you have any blockers?It then posts a report to the channel of your preference so everyone can know what the others are up to or tagging them if they failed to do it. Managers can easily notice who is blocked at work.You can also use our follow-up templates to run retrospectives, weekly executive check-ins, mental health checks and more!DailyBot tracks team motivation and helps managers review team’s performance.Trusted by thousands of big and small companies including Intuit, Buffer, Rakuten, Cabify, HSBC, BBVA, Bitcoin, Citrix and more!MEET THE PRODUCT  Agile and solid Automate status meetings, retros, 1-1s, performance reviews and more Templates for executive follow-ups, and wellness check-ins Custom questions and templates management Time zones support Team mood tracking Vacation and time-offs Powerful dashboard with historical records Secure. Configurable privacy levels and anonymous responses User Roles supportConnect DailyBot now to your Slack team and Get started for Free! DailyBot is multilingual and it supports the following languages:
– English
– Spanish
– PortugueseFor remote teams, multilingual and the perfect companion for managersIn comparison with other products, DailyBot is (1) built with the remote workers community in mind and it automates your use cases in a very unique way, (2) it’s the only App that lets you configure bot conversations in English, Spanish and Portuguese and (3) it is also a powerful bot for on-site or partially distributed teams.

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