CypressShare Cypress test results with your team in real-time

Cypress provides fast, easy, and reliable end-to-end testing for anything that runs in a browser. When testing is easy, developers build better things with confidence.The Cypress Dashboard helps users run, maintain, record and fix failing tests in CI. One of our most-requested Dashboard features to date, the Cypress Slack App provides real-time results for your Cypress tests, all in one place—improving remote collaboration and giving wider visibility into test behavior.Cypress Slack App allows you to:• Improve cross-team collaboration by instantly surfacing Cypress results to the teams that need visibility
• Confirm that key tests pass prior to launching new products or features
• Reduce the time it takes to catch failed testsHow to get started:• Sign up for Cypress Dashboard (Get started for free)
• Check out our blog post with step-by-step instructions
• Need more info? Check out our guide in the docsWhat people are saying about the Cypress Slack App “The Cypress Slack integration makes test run review virtually instantaneous for both our dev and QA teams”
– Duncan Anderson, QA Manager @ Checkfront, Inc “The [Cypress] links allow us to jump straight to test results without having to cross-check build numbers and branch names. It’s all right there for us in a Slack message.”
– Scott Abbey, Sr. QA Engineer @

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