Customer Thermometer Get your customer feedback posted straight into a Slack channel

Customer Thermometer is a 1-click survey tool. By adding our rating buttons to emails you send, you allow your customers to rate your performance in real-time.Our Slack integration means you can be notified via any Slack channel you choose, as soon as you receive customer feedback.- Get a Slack notification every time you receive a customer rating, customer comment, or piece of customer feedback.
– Or, choose only to be notified to specific response types (for example, just get notified about customers who have an issue)
– Know exactly which customer has said what
– Notifications are RAG colored so you can easily identify positive and negative feedback at a glance
– You can be notified about responses to all surveys in Customer Thermometer, or just a selection
– Works across all survey types: embedded and email thermometers
– This feature requires you to have a paid account with Customer Thermometer.
– Customer Thermometer can be easily embedded into emails you send from the world’s leading cloud platforms: Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Outlook and many more.