Cubicast Deliver your workspace’s activity to your preferred Slack channel.

Cubicast develops world-class session recording software for web applications, providing the means to understand user behaviour, solve related problems, view and explain app issues and show people how an app works.Get notified in your preferred Slack channel about new updates in a Cubicast workspace. You will receive notifications about new recordings, recordings being updated or removed plus any errors that your users are experiencing.

What You Can Do With Cubicast

Capture and share recorded sessions using our browser extension. Embed the Cubicast recorder in your web site and capture your users’ sessions. Annotate recordings. Add bookmarks and text annotations. Create video-like tutorials and later embed them inside your site. Export recorded sessions as video or animated GIFs using our Chrome extension.

For Which Teams is Cubicast For

1. Customer Support
Centralise all your users’ recorded sessions in a single Slack channel. Get immediate notifications of user facing errors, linking to the exact point in the recording.
Showcase application flows and actions to your users.2. QA Teams
Report bugs using recorded sessions. No more long steps-to-reproduce lists.3. Individual Developers and Designers
Record your actions in any web site for test or demo purposes. Create walkthrough recordings and demo web site flows. 15-day free trial, no credit card required.
After that, you can continue to use Cubicast for free with limited functionality. For teams, pricing starts from $20/month.