CryptoTx Alert We monitor the cryptocurrency addresses you want to track on various blockchains and send you real-time alerts when transactions occur

CryptoTxAlert monitors multiple blockchains and sends you a real-time alert whenever it detects a transaction for an address you want to track.Stop wondering if and when the cryptocurrency transactions you initiated are processed by the network, especially during periods of congestion. Don’t be blindsided by unauthorized transactions that you only find out about days or weeks later. Curious whether well-known addresses like Bitcoin’s genesis address is transacting? Track it!Simply provide CryptoTxAlert the cryptocurrency addresses you want to track and receive an alert notification via email, SMS, and or Slack whenever a transaction is detected!Get started today with a 14 day trial. Once you register an account online, go to “My Account” to configure your Slack notification settings. If you like the service, you can opt to subscribe via credit card or cryptocurrency for just $19 every 6 months.