Crowdin Bot Stay tuned with your Crowdin localization projects

Crowdin is a cloud-based localization solution that helps teams manage multilingual content.As a company-wide solution, Crowdin gives localization managers, developers, marketers, customers success managers, and translators a place to collaborate – share context, create tasks, generate reports. Flexible and customizable for the specific needs of every team, it will fit into any localization workflow.Crowdin streamlines the translation of the product’s user interface, website, marketing, and support content. It keeps source and translation files in synchronization and automates routine localization processes.Crowdin bot was designed to keep users informed on the key events happening in the localization projects they are part of.With this integration, you’ll know what’s happening in Crowdin without leaving Slack interface. In Crowdin account settings, select the notifications you’d like to receive via Slack and the bot will send them instantly as direct messages.Crowdin bot for Slack requires Crowdin account.Learn more about Crowdin integration with Slack.