crmbotBot with CRM-IMM clients, invoice summary, contacts, clients interactions, cash collection info

CrmBot use Slack to get from CRM-IMM platform as interactive messages for clients name, services, invoices, not payed bills, contact information and to save notes as customer interactions. CRM-IMM is a CRM software for small businesses in Romanian.  CrmBot working with a payed or demo CRM-IMM service.      
CrmBot use interactive commands to obtain the desired information.        
– Type ‘h’ or ‘help’            
– Searches clients: type ‘client search text’ or ‘c search text’        
– Not payed bills: type ‘r’ or ‘r n’, where n represents the number of days of payment delay.        
-Exchange rate for euro, usd, gpb: type ‘curs’.                
– Click client name – will display client details and buttons.        
– Facturi: display unpaid bills a last payed bill.        
– Servicii: display client services with details.        
– Contacte: display client contacts persons name, phone and email.        
– Interactiuni: display client notes and add notes; notes will be saved in client CRM-IMM data base; to exit from add mode, type exit.        
– the next ‘Anterior’, the previous Urmator’        
– back: ‘Inapoi’

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