Content Tracker A content marketing dashboard with timely Slack notifications.

Content Tracker by Priceonomics is a dashboard for measuring content marketing performance. When you publish content, does it result in press mentions, traffic, conversion sharing, and conversions?The best part of Tracker is Slack notifications! We notify you in real time when you get an inbound link to your content, when new content is published, or when you blog content hits big milestones on social sharing and traffic.Here’s a cool bit. If we detect one of your articles is going viral, we send you a Slack notification so you can promote it and makes sure it takes off. Content Tracker was developed by Priceonomics. It’s the software we use to measure our content marketing performance.  With this Slack integration, you get all your content marketing analytics sent to you directly in Slack, right when you need them.Content Tracker is for content marketers, bloggers, and media companies that want to better measure how their content is performing.