ContalistTurn messages into actionable items and manage contact information inside Slack

What if your messages can have custom fields, assignee and state? This app can help you turn your messages into actionable items, for example requests, tasks, tickets, etc.You can create custom fields for, say priority, deadline, external contacts, etc, then attach these fields to your message. We will also add an assignee field and a state field. So when you receive a message from someone, you can use our message action ‘Turn message into …’ to turn it into maybe a request, put it to a channel and assign it to a team member.Also you can manage your contact information without leaving Slack. With our command /contalist, you can search for contacts with keywords, get their information like email address and phone number, and quickly update their profiles. Think of this app as a simple, lightweight CRM.You can find a guide on this app at Feel free to contact us if you need any help.

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