ConfigCat Feature FlagsGet updated when someone changes a feature flag.

Get updated via a Slack Channel message when someone changes a feature flag with the ConfigCat Feature Flags Slack App.Manage features and change your software configuration using ConfigCat Feature Flags, without the need to re-deploy code. A 10 minute trainable dashboard allows even non-technical team members to manage application features. Supports A/B testing, soft launching or targeting a specific group of users first with new ideas. Deploy any time, release when confident. Open-source SDKs enable easy integration with any web, mobile or backend application.1. Open the integrations tab on ConfigCat Dashboard.
2. Click on Slack’s CONNECT button and connect ConfigCat Feature Flags with your Slack workspace.
3. You’re all set. Go ahead and make some changes on your feature flags then check your Slack Channel for notifications.

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