ComparablyUnlock the power of your team’s social networks

Comparably app is the easiest way for you and your teammates to share content on Slack and social networks. Multiply the reach of each content piece you share while engaging your team.- /share-page {url} – Enter the URL you want to share and customize your post by updating the image, title and description.
– All users on a channel that receive your post, easily share it on their social networks.
– Each user gets a shout out when they share.
– /comparably-leaderboard – View and share your team’s engagement performance, and celebrate the most engaged team members on your Slack channels.
– /shares-report – View and share the overall content stats, like engagement, number of times your content was viewed and shared.
– Remind teammates that hasn’t shared the content you posted by Comparably’s auto reminders.Install the Comparably Slack App to your workspace and claim your company profile. Once your profile is approved within 24 hours, you will be able to start using Comparably Slack App’s commands and get your content out to your team!

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