Effective meetings made easy inside your Calendar helps managers and teams to have useful meetings (1:1s, team meetings, customer meetings, …). Collaborative, well prepared, focused, and into action. And everything inside your Calendar and connected to your tools, ready when you need it.  
That simple, that powerful. Use Slack bot to:
– Get notified of upcoming meeting agendas in advance to be ready.
– Receive meeting highlights and next-steps after the meeting to be in sync.Because small changes make the difference, make effective meetings easy, inside your Calendar, at your pace. This is what can do for your meetings: – Collaborative Agendas that prepare for success
– Transform discussions into action. Collaborative meeting outcomes
        + Keep every attendee in synch via Slack or email
        + Never miss an action point you agreed (my actions/overview)
– Meeting feedback  that make you grow. Took less than 5 seconds
– Personal Calendar statistics Because collaboration should be easy, effective and straightforward.