Collavate Get notifications about Collavate processes within Slack

Collavate provides collaborative document approval and customizable workflow for Google Docs. We offer workflow automation on all of your Google Docs. Centralized workflow keeps team collaboration and document information directly in Google Drive. Workflow and tagging add-ons work directly inside of Google docs to submit, review and approve documents.Any updates to your approval process will be posted to your Slack channel. You can take action on your approvals , by approving or rejecting with an optional message right from Slack. When any other reviewer updates your approval you will get a notification message in Slack. Slack messages contain a link to open your approval files inside Collavate app or inside Google Drive to streamline the approval flow.Multi-layered, tiered approval, and automatic publishing, keep your documents organized and up to date. Reprocessing allows you to check documents out, edit them, and submit for reapproval; version history and ledger automation store the approval information. Collavate promotes a full document lifecycle Рcreation and collaboration, group discussions, through submission, review, edits, and final approval Рyour document history and activity are retained.Team collaboration is simple with Collavate; post documents, images, or ideas to private groups and communicate with specific teams. Group posts also give you the flexibility of a shared drive, allowing members to collaborate on documents in the group workspaces.Collavate is used in many mission-critical industries to create, manage, and maintain quality policies. Use Collavate for ISO, CMMI, and HIPAA documents, ensuring they are up to date and compliant. From manufacturing to aviation, pharmaceuticals, and logistics, Collavate has a long history of support and commitment to your company’s goals.