CloverleafBetter Conversations. Better Teamwork.

Meaningful conversations are the start to an effective team and the Cloverleaf bot is here to take us another step closer to leaving work energized. How it works:Add us to a Slack channel and we’ll be in once a week to start some conversations. It’ll go something like this: Cloverleaf
Matt likely cares about causes that make the world a better place. What world-improving cause are you each involved in, or have wanted to learn more about?
That’s perfect for Matt, he’s always going to those benefit concerts. I love running in races that have a foundation behind it, it gives extra meaning to something I already love.You can interact with our bot in two ways:1. Weekly insights – respond in the thread and get the conversation going with your coworkers!
2. Slash commands – You can get insights on anyone in the channel with an account connected. Use /cloverleaf @teammate to pull an insight. You can also pull an insight for all of these different topics: communication, workstyle, motivation, and more! Just add the topic on the end of the slash command like this: /cloverleaf @teammate communication. Also, don’t worry, these slash commands will only be visible to you.Bring Cloverleaf right to your Slack channel and start building the dream team.

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