Cloud Forecast AWS Cost Monitoring Tool in Slack

CloudForecast helps engineering teams keep a close eye on their variable AWS cost with a visually friendly daily report right in Slack and email. Our cost reports provides reassurance that things look normal and notifies teams of any anomalies with AWS spend.With our Slack integration, you and your team will receive daily reports containing key information about your AWS spend (daily spend, monthly spend, …). CloudForecast also provides the ability to send tailored reports to different channels (e.g. #front-end vs #back-end vs #DBA, …).On average, 20-30% of your AWS bill will go to waste on a yearly basis due to lack of spend monitoring or having teams do a quick review of cost on a daily basis. Our reports take less than a minute to digest every morning and helps companies ensure their cost do not spiral out of control.• Daily Slack and email reports
• Accurate end of the month spend forecast
• Interactive “month to date” spend graphs
• Cost alerts for daily spend, product, region, tags & sub-accounts
• Customize alert thresholds to meet your needs.
• Build, create and send multiple reports based on tags and sub-accounts to different channels and teams.
• Risk free 30-day Free Trial.
• Plans starting only at $99/monthFor more information
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• CloudForecast website: our Customers are Saying about CloudForecast:  “CloudForecast succinctly highlights spikes in cost and areas which I should act upon right now in order to save money.”  – Bruno Miranda, Doximity “The email help weeds out the noise and focuses on what is important on my AWS bill. (…) CloudForecast has saved us thousands of dollars of recurring cost!” – James Avery, AdZerk “Since we began moving ourselves and our clients to AWS, we’ve been searching for a cost monitoring tool that is both easy to use and affordable.  We’ve finally found a tool that meets our needs in CloudForecast.” – Jason Still, SlingShot