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Stay connected to your feedback on Slack Now, turn appreciation & feedback messages into feedback posts on your Clink project. About ClinkClink is a feedback sharing app for teams, that helps you share, organize & analyze feedback, especially for remote working.  
By doing so, we enable continuous performance & development for teams.  Some of our key features: a. Feedback Sharing for project teams | Sharing made fun  
b. Integrations & Plugins with work tools | We are everywhere  
c. Actionable Insights for skills and values | Reveal what matters  Why Clink?The art of giving feedback has changed.  
With more of us working in virtual teams, #socialdistancing has removed an important element of F2F feedback.  
Now more than ever we need to switch to an evolved way of sharing feedback that retains its glory and much more.Note: This plugin can be used independently of the mobile app of clink which is available for download on app/play stores respectively. The mobile app can be used to better analyze the feedback curated.