Slack Application: Clever Ads Reports & tips of your Google Ads & Microsoft Ads

Clever Ads is the easiest way to link Google Ads, Microsoft Ads & Facebook Ads with Slack Clever Ads will help you save time
Ever find yourself spending too much time on your Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) or Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads) platform? Or maybe you’ve noticed that important business tasks get pushed aside due to multiple tabs being open at the same time. Clever Google Ads will help consolidate this problem and all through Slack. Not to mention, it’s free! How will Clever Ads improve your productivity?
It’s built on saving you time! Have one less tab open by seeing your important ppc metrics in Slack, ultimately saving you time. Gain access to your own dashboard and customize the way you want to receive your Google Ads, Microsoft Ads or Facebook Ads metrics through Slack.

Filter the Google/Microsoft/Facebook Ads accounts that interest you the most and schedule your reports.

Ask your bot for metrics, graphs, and summaries to evaluate the progress of your Google Ads , Microsoft or Facebook Ads campaigns.

Ask for tips on how to improve your Google Ads strategy. We will be able to suggest things like adding a different type of campaign, adjusting the campaign budget, or modifying the campaign target.It’s a great tool for marketing teams and advertising agencies that manage Google Ads, Microsoft Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns for themselves or other companies. As we like to say, you’ll save enough time to enjoy that morning coffee you love so much. Get Started!
1. Add the Clever Ads app to slack
2. Log in using your Google Account and/or Microsoft/Facebook Account linked to your Google/Microsoft Ads
3. Select your desired account and switch between accounts at any time
4. Start getting reports by asking for metrics, graphs, etc.For any questions or concerns contact our team of tech developers at

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