Chinwag Chinwag helps remote teams build positive culture through teamwork disguised as fun.

Without sustained effort remote-teams can drift apart. Chinwag Champs helps teams reinforce their values and encourage collaboration. We do this by using short, fun games where people work together. What is Chinwag Champs all about?Chinwag is on a mission to make building an awesome work-culture for remote teams effortless. Champs helps you do that by leveraging fun as a tool to bring people together. Clear values
Knowing how things are done is important in any organisation. It’s more challenging in a remote team.

Chinwag Champs has culture building tools that help reinforce the values and behaviours common to all successful teams. Together while apart
Newly remote teams often have trouble with isolation.

Chinwag Champs brings people together so they feel like a team. Time sensitive
We know your team has a lot to do and not much time to do it.

Chinwag Champs activities are carefully designed to maximise cultural impact, without soaking up hours a dayHow does Chinwag Champs work?1. Install our bot to Slack
2. Add our bot to a dedicated channel
3. We’ll periodically send a game or activity for everyone in the channel to participate in.