ChatrHubOmnichannel A.I. chatbot and live-agent solution

ChatrHub is a omnichannel A.I. chatbot and live-agent solution.  Integrate your Slack channels, website widget, social media and text messages into one human and A.I. powered platform.With ChatrHub you can:1. Build complex chatbots using a simple setup wizard or let ChatrHub build a professional chatbot for you!
2. Setup chatbots on websites, social media, text messaging, and Slack.
3. Communicate directly with bots within Slack.
4. Get copied on all customer and A.I. conversations if the A.I. misinterprets the conversation.  Interject if needed within Slack.
5. Setup live-agents first with the option to implement automated agents as your team and customer base grow. Pay for only what you use.
6. Automatically send customer information to Slack when they visit your website.
7. Connect to your backend systems for automatic self-service.Start a free trial at!  Requires a paid account once the trial expires.

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