Chat Bot Create a chatbot for any service. It’s basically your personal chatbot factory.

ChatBot allows you to create a powerful chatbot for any service. You can integrate your bot with platforms such as Slack, Facebook, LiveChat or use it on your website with our Chat Widget.Key features* Focus on what matters. Automate your daily tasks and let the bot do the work for you.
* Start and end your chat when you want. Call @ChatBot to begin a new conversation. Select “End chat” in bot responses to finish the dialogue when it is complete. Your bot won’t be active until you mention it again.
* Keep your channels tidy and legible. Your bot always replies in a thread. Installation* Create your chatbot story.
* Go to Slack integration and sign in with your Slack account.
* Click Add bot to Slack button.
* Select the story you want to use in this integration with and chose one Slack channel for your bot to live on.
* Apply all the changes by clicking Confirm.Your chatbot is all set and ready!By defaults, your chatbot is active only when mentioned @ChatBot. Untick this option if you want it to reply always.