ChaserWorkflow automation for Customer Success teams

Dedicated to Customer Success teams, this Slack app lets you search and update Salesforce from within Slack!Automate and replicate your winning action plans for customersThis Slack app saves hours for Customer Success Managers every week by automating your customer updating workflow in Salesforce. Your customer record-keeping becomes second nature. Quickly move on to the thing that matters: making your customers successful.Never forget againConnect your Google Calendar and Gmail (Zendesk integration coming soon!) to generate alerts on major customer events. When an important meeting on your calendar takes place, or an important customer e-mail is received, we’ll send you a Slack message with all the Salesforce functionality to update your source of truth records.Keep the following always up to date in real time:
• Notes from meetings with customers with “Log a call” connection with Salesforce
• Red/Green/Yellow status changes on an account
• Progress the stage of an opportunityTo get started, add Chaser to your Slack workspace. Then:
1. Say /chaser_config in the Chaser app. You can then one-click integrate Salesforce, Google Calendar, and Gmail.
2. Say /chaser in the Chaser app. It will give you help on what you can do.For help getting started, check out a paid account with Chaser is required to use this Slack app. Please request a demo at, and once we mutually determine a good fit, we will send you a link to install Chaser.

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