Channel ToolsBulk invite and export all members of a channel or a team on Slack

Bulk invite and export all members of a channel or a team on SlackChannel Tools makes it super easy to add hundreds or thousands of users to a Slack channel in bulk. Not just that, but you can also export all members of a channel in a CSV file. If you are managing a large team or a community, you have faced this problem one way or the other. There is no easy way to invite users in bulk. If you have tried doing it manually, we know your pain. But no more. No number is big enough
Have 1000 users to bring from a different channel? Well, no problem. Our app is used in a variety of domains, with thousands of users. Select a random member
Easily pick and show a random user from your channel. How to use?How to invite all team members to a Slack channel?
You can use /invite_all command to invite all users in the workspace to the current Slack channel.How to invite all members from one channel to another?
You can use /invite_channel command to invite all members from a Slack channel to another.How to export all members of a channel in Slack?
You can use /export_members command in a channel to export all of its members in a CSV file.How to select a random user from a the channel?
You can use /random_user command that comes with Channel Tools. Clear all clutter in a Slack channelChannel Tools comes with the Slack equivalent of clear screen command. Enter /clear in any Slack channel to get rid of all messages and clutter. Channel Tools actually doesn’t delete these messages. It creates a new message with enough empty lines that all the content gets pushed upwards, giving you a lot of breathing space.Think of it as ⌘ + K of the Slack world.Workflow StepThis app supplies a workflow step that picks a user at random from a specified channel, and makes it available for the next step. Example use case could be to assign a support ticket randomly to one of the staff members in the support channel. FAQQ: Is Channel Tools free?
A: Yes, all the features offered with Channel Tools are free for a limited time.Q: Is my data secure?
A: We take data security very seriously. We store only the required data for the functioning of the app and store it using robust encryption algorithms. You are safe with us.Q: Can I use Channel Tools to invite external users?
A: Yes, but with limited support. You can invite users from a channel shared with a different workspace in the same organization (enterprise grid plan). With the caveat, that current channel also needs to be shared with the same workspace before extending this invite. We might bake more features in our future release. Let us know using the support email address below.Q: How many users can I invite with Channel Tools?
A: 1K or 10K, we can deal with any number. In fact, that’s where our app shines. Come with as many as you have in your Slack channel, and we’ll handle it.Q: Does /clear command delete messages from channel history?
A: No. It only sends a new ephemeral message with a lot of empty lines that all the pre-existing content gets pushed up. So, all your messages are still there, safe. And you get clutter-free interface. TestimonialsSlack channel admins swear by Channel Tools as their go-to tool for sending bulk invites.Earlier, what took me an hour to do, with Channel Tools we can do it in seconds.The channel invite feature is so useful that it should have been a part of Slack itself.

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