cbillI help engineering teams to avoid surprises in their cloud bills

**Have you ever gotten an AWS bill and thought: this is Bulls*it**? Say bye to AWS | GCP | Azure bill shocks.**CBill helps Engineering teams stay on top of their clouds** – right from Slack. How? **Alerts based on forecasts** – before it’s too late
**Deep dive with reports** – no PHD required**How does CBill Work?**We connect to your AWS, GCP or Azure account with a one-click configuration setup, giving you visibility into what’s going on in your cloud. ¬†We only require read-only permissions to your billing resources. These can be revoked at any time.We use this data to help you to stay on top of your cloud accounts in a convenient way, alerting you when anything changes.Visit https://computebill.com for more information and to contact us.

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