Carrot Share the key updates, news, and decisions nobody should miss

Slack conversations are great for getting work done, but it’s easy to miss important company news, updates, and decisions that get lost in the noise.

Slack teams use Carrot to make sure everyone sees what matters most. It’s ideal for remote teams trying to stay in sync across time zones.- Thoughtful communication: Sometimes you have more to say, so Carrot gives you space to write longer updates that convey more information.- Start every day in sync: Each morning, your team wakes up to a personalized digest of what’s important. The digest reduces interruptions during the day and makes it easy to get caught up fast.- Organized, topic-based conversations: Stay in sync across time zones with threads that are easy to follow whenever you’re ready to catch up.- Know who saw your update: If someone misses a key update, Carrot works in the background to remind them for you. See which updates create energy and engagement, and which ones aren’t getting through.- Request follow up from your team: If you share an update that requires feedback or action, Carrot tracks team engagement and reminds those that haven’t followed up.Bring clarity to your Slack team with Carrot. It’s easy to get started.