CacherCreate code snippets right from Slack.

Cacher is the code snippet organizer for pro developers. It is a cross-platform, cloud-based app used to curate a snippet library for you and your team.Cacher features:• Support for editing and viewing 100+ programming languages.
• Flexible color-coded labels to categorize snippets.
• Shareable snippet pages via Cacher’s code-sharing community:
• Team and organization features like shared libraries, notifications, role management and code reviews.
• Desktop clients for Windows, macOS and Linux.
• Full-featured web app: app.cacher.ioCacher for Slack adds:• The ability to create snippets from Slack messages
• The /create-snippet slash command
• Notifications when team snippets are changed
• Unfurled snippet previews for Cacher URLsCacher for Slack is a feature of Cacher’s Team plan. View plans and features at: the Cacher for Slack guide at: support and file help requests at:

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