bookly Company library for easier knowledge discovery

Bookly allows employees to quickly and easily find available library resources in Slack. No more pain discovering knowledge for employees and higher engagement in learning. Reduce learning barriers
The problem with existing company libraries is that it’s hard to search through physical libraries to find the resources you need. If employees can’t discover easily then they’ll give up, and your library gathers dust.Bookly allows you to search books by book category, custom tags, title or author, helping employees easily discover what they need. ┬áTrack engagement
Employees may be reading books in your library but it’s impossible to know without asking them. You also don’t know which books get higher engagement so you can’t identify popular book categories you should purchase in the future.Bookly lets you know which books are being borrowed in your organisation at any time with a simple command. Keep track of your inventory
How many of your organisation’s books have been sitting idle on employees’ shelves for months? It’s human nature to forget, but how do you easily keep track of inventory so you can send a gentle reminder to return them?Bookly lets you know who is currently borrowing which books so you don’t need to keep buying more. Open-source your library
Your library is probably full of great learning resources, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up to date with all the amazing content being released. What if your employees wanted to share their own personal collections?Bookly lets employees add their own books (if they want) and messages the relevant people when it’s time to organize the lend, strengthening your library and helping promoting a knowledge-sharing community.Contact developers at [email protected]