Blue MatadorBlue Matador is the world’s first and only recommendation engine for preventing downtime.

Blue Matador uses Slack to help engineering teams prevent downtime.With our recommendation engine for preventing downtime, easily connect Slack and Blue Matador so the right engineers can be notified at the right time. Your team will be able to fix server issues before they turn into downtime.With our integration, receive Blue Matador updates in the same place you collaborate. Since Slack notifications are easily adjusted, team members (like on-call engineers) can be notified right away.  And those who want to know — but not necessarily right away — can turn off notifications but still see channel history.Dedicate a channel within Slack specifically for Blue Matador notifications, or have notifications sent to individuals or existing team channels. However your team uses Slack, integrate Blue Matador into your workflow so you can prevent downtime — not react to it.Blue Matador is a paid service. A free, fully featured trial is available at

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