BlackbellThe easiest way to sell services.

You can easily track your Blackbell sales activity straight from Slack:- Get notified in Slack when a new order comes in
– Open the order page in one click
– Track your suppliers activity and the commissions you’re earningNote: You need a paid Blackbell plan to activate the Slack integration.About:Blackbell is a SaaS platform that integrates all processes to sell services.Blackbell does not only tackle the online booking aspect of the sale of a service but all that is required to run a service business, from A to Z:
Visual content builder, Services management, Calendars, Online payment, Coupons, Sell via local marketplaces, Website and App, Translation editor, Reviews, Quotes, Customer database, Email campaign manager, Live chat, Orders manager, Workflows, Reporting.With Blackbell Connect , we offer the ability to create marketplaces of services online. We facilitate all transactions (including commissions) between the marketplace owner and the services providers via their respective Blackbell accounts.

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