Bill Is FunI create fun icebreaker questions so you can learn what makes your team special.

Hi, I’m ! I use fun icebreaker questions in creative ways to help you get to know your team better. How It WorksYour team will guess each other’s answers to my icebreaker questions in a quiz style game. This helps your team retain facts about each other and make team building more engaging .The icebreaker answers will be shared in Slack at the end of the day, so everyone can learn hilarious , interesting , and surprising facts about each other.This game is a great way to spark fun conversations in your Slack workspace!”But Bill, why should I care how well my team knows each other?”Digital work environments can become isolating. So it’s super important to have friends you can have non-work related conversations with . That’s where icebreakers come in! Icebreakers are a proven way to build trust in a team, and trust leads to stronger relationships.”But Bill, don’t icebreaker questions suck?”These aren’t your father’s icebreaker questions !I create icebreaker questions that promote engagement , spark conversations , and help you get to know your teammates on a deeper and more meaningful level .”What other features do you have?”I’m super flexible ! You can decide the time and days the icebreaker game is played.I also keep track of who is guessing the most answers correctly. This is a great way to see who on your team is getting to know each other better. It also promotes fun competition !Learn MorePlease take a look at our demo video!And check out the images below to see some icebreakers that teams who use Bill love the most!For any questions about what I can do, please reach out at [email protected]

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