#BiasCorrect Plug-InFight unconscious gender bias by making a conscious choice and become a catalyst for change.

The #BiasCorrect Plug-In helps users fight their unconscious gender bias in real-time during workplace conversations on Slack. Think spell check, but for gender bias. Research shows unconscious gender bias fuels the gender gap. In order to fix this, we must all first learn to spot our biases and work against them. The Catalyst #BiasCorrect Plug-In helps speed up the learning process by flagging bias to users on Slack as it occurs and offering up bias-free alternatives, giving users a chance to consciously work against their biases in real-time. The #BiasCorrect Plug-In can:
– Detect unconscious gender bias language in real-time
– Privately alert the user of potential bias in their language
– Allow the user to automatically correct the original message with suggested alternative language
– Provide context-specific education on how to recognize gender bias in the futureStudies show that every day people across the globe send seemingly harmless messages in which female and male leaders are described very differently. These exchanges are often full of unconscious gender biases that fuel the gender gap. And because gender bias is so ingrained in society, even the most progressive among us are guilty of it—our word choices are almost automatic. The only way to correct this issue is to learn how to spot your own bias and consciously work against it. The Catalyst #BiasCorrect Plug-In helps speed up the learning process by (privately) flagging a user’s unconscious bias to them and offering up a bias-free alternative for them to consider using instead, enabling users to become a catalyst for change.Learn more at the Catalyst #BiasCorrect website.