Beautiful.aiReceive realtime messages in Slack about your presentations makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful presentations in minutes.With the + Slack integration, you can receive realtime messages in Slack about your presentations. Automatically sync team conversations. Get notified about any comments, questions, or feedback that is added to your shared slides. Realtime updates so you never miss anything. Whenever a slide is edited, added, moved, or removed you’ll receive a message. Always be in the know when a presentation theme is changed. Manage permissions and accept invitations. Be notified when someone shares a presentation with you, invites you to collaborate on a presentation, or join a team.—About Beautiful.aiWe believe the only way to guarantee good presentation design is to build the intelligence of a designer directly into the tool. Our first product suggests ways to visualize your ideas and makes it incredibly easy to customize the design. It knows what’s on your slide, what you might add later, and how to adjust the layout when you do. Whether you are creating a pitch deck, marketing plan, or sales proposal, will save you up to 75% presentation design time.Collaboration and sharing are essential parts of the presentation workflow. Since many people already use apps like Slack to collaborate with teammates, we’re building tight integrations with these tools so you can create beautiful slides without missing a collaborative beat. Product Features:- Hundreds of customizable smart slides make it easy to get a jumpstart on your presentation. Each template is fully customizable and easy to edit.
– Add content and watch your slides automatically adapt. Our product is the designer so you don’t have to be.
– Create on-brand presentations with custom fonts, colors, and your company’s logo.
– Real-time sharing and collaboration is seamless for teams. Notifications will alert you when collaborators have made comments in your presentation that require your attention.
– Sometimes the situation calls for presenting in other presentation software, but you can still save time designing your presentation in and edit directly in PowerPoint.

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