Banter Bot Spark spontaneous group conversations with ice breakers

Build true comradery in your remote team. Banter starts fun group conversations that develop trust, sharing, and friendship in remote teams. Banter helps promote bonding and friendships in remote teams by starting group conversations on a regular cadence with thoughtful questions and by bringing up interesting topics.1. How it works
Banter ties into a channel in your workspace, preferably one with a group of teammates
At a regular time, the bot will ask a question or bring up a topic meant to start conversation with your team. Example ice breakers:
         Given your choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?
         Is a hotdog a sandwich?
         What talent or skill would you most like to have?
         Tell us about your worst date
         What nicknames have you had in your life? How did you get it?
Banter asks deeper questions as time goes on to encourage teammates to share and learn about each other.2. Remote work friendships are importantMaking friends relies on a regular cadence of interaction and sharing common ground with other people. Without a physical office setting proximity and regularity, remote friendships can be challenging to forge. Team members with strong relationships at work tend to be more productive and more engaged.Banter helps facilitate these friendships by breaking the ice and maintaining a cadence and opportunity for team members to bond. Get set up in a few clicks, Banter is absolutely free during our beta period. Learn more at or holler at us [email protected]