atSpokeA simpler, smarter way to manage workplace requests

Join Allbirds, TripActions, Glossier, and hundreds of other modern workplaces and start supporting employees in a lightweight, intuitive way. atSpoke is an intelligent ticketing system that makes it easy for employees to file requests in Slack, email, our app, and over SMS. More than 70% of employees, when given the choice, file a request in Slack. Conversations can be continued from anywhere — including Slack — making it incredibly easy to bring new users into atSpoke.Team members using atSpoke benefit from a simple and powerful app interface where multiple team members, and multiple teams can triage, collaborate and resolve requests.Common uses:• Automated responses. atSpoke’s AI is designed from the ground up to automate responses in Slack. Up to 50% of all requests are answered automatically.
• Smart knowledge base. With every question and action in Slack and on atSpoke, your company knowledge base grows more responsive and comprehensive.
• Cross-company collaboration. Loop in members of your team or other teams seamlessly with @mentions, making it simple to collaborate without losing context.
• Ticketing with a human touch. atSpoke’s HRIS integrations and user profiles make it seamless for team members to know exactly who they are supporting, without having to switch tabs or ask. Our AI also factors in an employee’s attributes to suggest resources most relevant to them.
With atSpoke, employees get what they need, when they need it, resulting in a happier, more productive workplace.

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