AntEaterSearch your team’s contacts & email activity on Gmail & Outlook from Slack!

Prospect faster, Close Deals faster & Close tickets faster with your team* AntEater is the easiest & fastest contact sharing, employee directory & CRM app for teams to set up.  
You don’t enter any data or do boring admin work to keep contacts up to date – it learns from Gmail & Outlook and is always 100% complete & current. *
Just sign in and start searching for contacts, topics and activity for you & your team. It’s magic, powered by AI. Get instant answers from Slack
Did we just email this customer? Who’s the last person we talked to in that agency? Who is an expert in security reviews here?Traditional CRMs are not always up to date, costly to implement and overloaded with difficult interfaces and unnecessary steps for the most common use case – AntEater answers all questions about your team’s contacts & company activity with no data-entry required. Here are a few things you can ask @AntEater
AntEater responds in seconds – it’s magical!SALES & MARKETING
• Who do we know at Microsoft?
• When is the last time we emailed [email protected]?
• Who is an expert on Salesforce 365 on our team?
• Have we talked to a Jenny Yang?
• Who has our Twitter password?CUSTOMER SUPPORT & OPERATIONS
• Who’s working on the Python 3.6 migration?
• Who do we know at Apple to help with our iOS submission?EVERYONE
• show me our email history with [email protected]
• Who has our twitter password?Getting Started
• Visit to activate your team & Add AntEater to Slack.AntEater can connect Slack to Gmail/GSuite and Outlook. Learn more at

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