AnonymityBotAnonymity for Slack

Anonymity for Slack. Trusted by hundreds of teams.  Post AnonymouslyType /anon, click on Post Anonymously, choose a channel, write a message and click on Post. You can also simply write /anon post or /anon – e.g. /anon Hello World!.  Poll Anonymously
Type /anon, click on Poll Anonymously, choose a channel, write a topic and options and click on Poll. You can also simply write /anon poll.  Reply AnonymouslyClick on ⋮ (More actions) for any message (anonymous or not) then choose Reply Anonymously.  Usage in Private ChannelsInvite AnonymityBot to the private channel with /invite @AnonymityBot and use in the same manner as before.  Allow Specific Channels (Whitelist)Sign in to, click on Dashboard, enable the Channel Whitelist feature and add channels to it. Only Slack workspace admins can enable it.  Introduce AnonymityBot to ChannelsType /anon, click on Introduce AnonymityBot, choose a channel and click Introduce.  Contact Us & FeedbackType /anon, click on Feedback, write a message and click Submit.  Pro Bono TierWe offer AnonymityBot for free for educational purposes, non-commercial organizations and open-source projects! Apply by filling in this form and we’ll be in touch! —  List of Subcommands- /anon – opens the Dashboard view.
– /anon faq – opens the FAQ view.
– /anon post – opens the Post Anonymously view.
– /anon poll – opens the Poll Anonymously view.
– /anon help – sends basic usage instructions.
– /anon intro – opens the Introduce to Channels view.
– /anon feedback – opens the Contact Us & Feedback view.
– /anon – opens the Post Anonymously view with message_to_be_sent preset.

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