Slack Application: Alert MixerRoute, escalate, schedule monitoring alerts for DevOps & SRE

Fully-functional Incident Management tool with 100% Slack Interface trusted by 100+ IT Companies Worldwide Schedule On-Call Duty between team members to avoid unnecessary distractions during the night. Receive notifications by Phone Call, Telegram, SMS and Slack Mentions. Configure escalations to avoid lost incidents. Export team-wide and incident-specific reports. Adopt SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) with Toil Budget counter. Collect knowledge about incidents and fixes, get them right next to the incident next time it happens. Route alerts to different channels with regex.

Publish incidents to Jira, Trello, StatusPage or any other system with external webhooks.Seamlessly integrated with:
– Grafana
– Amazon SNS (AWS CloudWatch, AWS Beanstalk and others!)
– Prometheus
– Alertmanager
– Crashlitics (Fabric)
– Fabric
– Sentry
– Kapacitor
– ElastAlert
– NewRelic
– DataDog
– PagerDuty
– Pingdom
– Zabbix
– Uptimerobot
– WebHook
– PagerDuty
…and more!A paid subscription is required to use this app. It also collects e-mails of active users to deliver alerts in case of Slack downtime and product updates. Subscription plans are described here.

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