Ahoya Lightweight travel management tool

Created for company travel managers, team leaders, and assistants to approve and monitor company travel spend in real-time. Whenever your people book a flight in Ahoy, an approval request will be sent to a #ahoy-quick-approvals channel, where any admin can review and approve. When the flight is confirmed, an invoice is immediately available in your #ahoy-invoices channel, so your finance team can easily find it. And, you get a #ahoy-departures channel, so you can see who is about to fly, where to, and when they will land.

Tips on using the Ahoy <> Slack integration to manage company travel directly in Slack: – When a flight pops up for approval, make note of how much longer the flight is on hold for, so you can approve within the time limit, and ensure that the seat & price is secured.
– When any admin approves a flight, the notification will be instantly updated as Approved by X, so other admins know its taken care of.  
– When flights are booked, an invoice is available immediately. Invite your bookkeeper to the channel, they can ask questions related to invoices they are unsure how to expense.

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