Slack Application: Adobe Creative CloudFind, share, and view Creative Cloud files.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Slack lets you easily share and preview files from your Creative Cloud storage or applications, like XD, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. With this integration, your team can: •    Share the assets saved in Creative Cloud storage into any conversation
•    Reply to comments that are made on XD links and CC files (Ps, AI, IDD files stored in CC) directly from Slack and have them posted to the files
•    Subscribe Ps, AI, IDD and XD files saved in Creative Cloud to a channel in Slack to keep you and your team up to date on comments and updates that happen on the subscribed files
•    Add collaborators to your private XD prototypes and design specs

If you use Slack in Japanese, Spanish, German, French or English, the Adobe Creative Cloud app will send messages and respond to you in your preferred language.

You will need to be a free-trial user or have an active subscription to Creative Cloud in order to get the most out of this integration.

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