AdaReceive Adaface (AI assessments) notifications in your Slack channel

Adaface helps you identify top engineers faster. Using this Slack integration, you will receive notification/alerts when candidates are invited to a test and when candidates finish a test.Adaface assessments are conducted by Ada – AI assistant that assesses candidates on on-the-job skills using conversational assessments. Companies can use Ada for pre-employment testing for over 700+ skills including popular programming languages (C++, Java, JavaScript, Python etc), software engineering frameworks (React, Vue, Angular etc) and aptitude skills. Ada has ~80% test taking rate compared to ~50% of status quo solutions.This Slack integration helps companies streamline Adaface usage notifications. When companies use Adaface to interview candidates, Ada will send relevant, real-time messages to the chosen Slack channel so that everyone in the recruitment team stays in the loop of which candidate is passing/failing the assessments and act fast.

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