AcrossioMake meetings smart and easy to search, replay and share

Acrossio lets you hold smart online video meetings. • Meet, collaborate and record everything (video, audio, screens and bookmarks) right through your browser.
• Search and replay recorded meetings with pinpoint accuracy. Share recordings with other team members and continue collaborating long after the meetings are over.Acrossio is a natural expansion to Slack, allowing you to search and refer to meetings just like you do in your chat history. With Acrossio for Slack you can:• Start an Acrossio meeting instantly (just type /acrossio).
• Sign in to Acrossio account using Slack.
• Invite your team members to Acrossio in a breeze, either through a link posted in Slack or by emailing invitations to them, right through Acrossio.You do not need an Acrossio account to get started. “Add to Slack” will allow you to create a new Acrossio account using your Slack user information if you already don’t have one. Signing up is instant!

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