10xMate for Slack Your superpower to make someone happier at work

Do you want to be a part of ONE HAPPY TEAM?It’s so simple – when you like someone, they like you back. If you want to show your team your appreciation and make someone happy easily and quickly, this app is for you.With 10xMate for Slack you can send your teammates recognition in seconds – just three quick steps:
1. Select teammate’s name from dropdown list
2. Select a relevant team value
3. Choose a card, to make your message more colorful and funYou can send UNLIMITED cards to anyone in your team of UNLIMITED number of people.This app is completely free, you can install and remove it any time (though you won’t even think about the latter). Recognition messages don’t show in the general channel, to avoid unnecessary noise. We will set up a dedicated recognition channel for you, so you can share the good vibes with the team.What’s even better, we don’t collect or process any of your personal data. Too good to be true? We decided to create this app for all the people who work in isolation at home, who may feel disconnected and miss their team, due to COVID-19. We believe everyone needs positive energy, especially now and since we can’t send cards to all to make them happier, we decided to support others by providing a free and cool way to spread good vibes. About us: We are a team of awesome guys who help other guys be appreciated, happier and more connected at work. Our passion is technology, that’s what we are best at and it is our way to make a positive impact on people’s lives. We are also the people behind 10xMate™ – the first AI-driven recognition platform, so if you need a more sophisticated recognition platform with more functionalities, analytics, custom corporate values, rewards and our game-changer Expert System, we are your people. 10xMate™ has integration with Slack and can be used without leaving Slack with no loss of functionality.If you want to learn more about us or just get in touch and say hi, this is our website: https://10xmate.com. We are excited to meet you and talk to you!