Write homepage headlines

1. Exclude bad headlines by checking if you can answer yes to: Would anyone take action based on your headline? Would you use the exact wording of your headline in a conversation with a friend to explain your product?

2. Write what your business offers using simple, common words.

A good example of a website that uses what their offering is as their homepage headline is Airbnb: Book unique places to stay and things to do.

3. Define what your customers get when they click on your CTA and use that as your headline.

A good example of a website that uses this technique is ConvertKit: Connect with your audience. Make a living doing work you love.

4. Define what your users will be able to accomplish if they use your product or service.

CrazyEgg thrives with this technique: Make your website better. Instantly.

5. Turn your headline into a unique value proposition by including a sub-headline to boost clarity, an intro paragraph to explain the service, and bullet points to emphasize benefits.

6. Use the headline formulas in the steps above as starting points to get started with headline split testing.