Write homepage copy

1. Use short sentences, short paragraphs and simple sentence structure.

The sentences should be around up to 80 characters per line, and the paragraphs of up to four lines.

2. Focus on specifics and use proof to back up your claims and build trust.

For example, instead of saying we offer the fastest shipping in the USA, say we deliver all your products in up to two days. Instead of saying we are the best shoe company in California, say our company has won four excellence awards in the XYZ category.

3. Write clear copy by avoiding vague words like utilize or enable and use familiar terms to describe your products.

For example, instead of saying we offer stellar and fast customer service, say our customer service team will contact you within 24 hours after submitting your inquiry.

4. Use the same tone across all your copy.

Use your when asking questions or giving instructions to the customer, and use my when you want to emphasize ownership, privacy, or personalization. Remove both your and my to eliminate the point of view. For example, instead of my account or your account, use account.

5. Talk to your customer service reps to learn your target audience’s language and make the offer more appealing.

Check which questions are asked more often and what are the most common issues to conclude what prevents customers from buying. Read customer reviews and borrow their words in your copy. Send out surveys with incentives to encourage customers to provide you with actionable feedback.  Ask how they would describe your products. Ask whether they would recommend it to a friend. Create a list of trends and common terms that you will use throughout your homepage copy.

6. Use trigger words to create a sense of urgency and imply scarcity.

For example, Sale ends soon, Get it before everybody else, or Only 2 left in stock.

7. Use a tool like Readable to check the Flesh reading ease score (FRES) of your copy.

Adjust your copy so that your FRES is above 60.