Write emails that keep users engaged

1. Send a welcome email immediately after someone subscribes.

2. Send an onboarding series to clients within their first 30 days of subscribing to maintain a connection.

This can help align their experience with the value of your product.

3. Use a larger font, dominant headlines, and simple images to adjust the emails to mobile device screen size.

Roughly 65% of emails are opened on a mobile device.

4. Write a single CTA per email and start the email with the main message.

For example, opening with “The 9 Strategies for Engaging Emails” is more effective than a lengthy introduction followed by this main message. If the email needs to include more than one key message, make sure the ideas do not overlap.

5. Use a Read Later icon like Instapaper or Pocket to encourage mobile readers to return to the content.

6. Send messages in the morning, afternoon, and evening to test the subscriber’s engagement times.

7. Create groups based on user data for sending targeted messages.

For example, send exclusive content to big spenders, demographic-appropriate content, or coupons for products related to purchase history.

8. Separate the email list by domain type, such as corporate and personal, to send business or consumer messages.

For example, use this differentiation to send emails to corporate domains during business hours, and personal domains during evenings and weekends.

9. Send a reactivation email to subscribers who have been inactive for over 30 days.

The margins associated with re-activating customers are significantly higher than acquiring new ones. Include an opt-out section in the footer of the email to clean your subscriber list.