Write blog titles for your influencer site

1. Use audience intelligence tools like Pulsar to research websites similar to yours and in your area of expertise to determine who the audience for your website is.

Audience intelligence tools offer key insights into the type of audience that your competitors and other websites similar to yours attract, and give you a better idea of who you should target.

2. Categorize the content on your website by subject heading under your pages.

Decide which content logically goes with each page on your site.

3. Write titles and subheadings for your content that reflect the value of the content to the reader.

Use the simple title formula of Number + Adjective + Keyword + Rationale + Promise. For example, 7 + Compelling Reasons + Adeft + is the Best Playbook Resource.

4. Write content using keywords that correspond with the titles and headings to improve the content's SEO.

Be sure to use the main keywords in the title, headings, and body of the content at least once.

5. Use analytics tools like Google Analytics, Impact Hero, or Parse.ly to monitor which content with which titles receive the highest click-through rates.

Other metrics to take note of include average time spent on page, and the CTR (click through rate) on any calls to action.

6. Write future titles based on the insights gained by tracking and monitoring the best click through rates.

The information gained from your analytics tools will give you a better idea of which titles receive the highest click through rates and can be used as guidance for future blog titles.

7. Group the best performing blog posts and analyze the similarities between titles to further optimize your title strategy.

Use the information from Google Analytics or content tracking software to help determine which blog posts perform best.