Write blog articles to engage influencers

1. Use tools like Heepsy or Buzzstream to determine the specific type of influencer audience you are trying to attract.

Identify targeted influencer types. For example, vintage jewelry influencers, not generalized groups such as fashion influencers. Choose a combination of micro-influencers, those with small follower counts but lots of engagement, and macro-influencers, those with many followers but lower engagement.

2. Regularly engage with these influencers on social media by commenting, liking, and sharing their content to get them to notice you.

Influencers are more likely to agree to a collaboration once they’ve noticed you regularly engage with their content.

3. Research the blog content they engage with and share, and use statistics tools like Alexa and Ubersuggest to determine how the content ranks and why.

Analyzing the traffic, keywords, and backlinks can improve your ability to reach the influencers you are trying to engage. For example, if they typically share [industry] trends you need to watch this year style content, consider creating your own.

4. Identify common attributes in the type of content your targeted influencers share.

For example, is it long or short-form? Highly visual or text-heavy? Informational or entertaining?

5. Use a tool like Sprout Social to find shared topics and content themes in the blog posts you find.

Alternatively, you could also track content posted by top accounts manually in a spreadsheet.

6. Determine the key attributes in their content that can be used as a rubric, and create a blog template modelled off of your findings.

These attributes include content format, length, tagging, and media types. Use the results to prioritize which type of blog content you should create.

7. Email or direct message your targeted influencers on social media to request an interview, or quote them in your blog posts.

Send a personalized message to each influencer. Let them know which of their past content you like. Getting a quote from them, and mentioning them in your blog content, makes them more likely to share it with their followers.

8. Tag influencers in your blog articles to increase the likelihood of them sharing, commenting, and engaging with them.

The more influencers engage with your content, the higher likelihood their audience has of seeing and engaging with it too, broadening your reach and increasing your overall engagement rate.