Write an effective YouTube title

1. Create a title that is not too long or too short, by aiming for 50-70 characters.

If it’s too short it won’t draw attention, if it’s too long it’ll get truncated and viewers won’t see it in full.

2. Research the titles of your competitor's high-performing content, in terms of views and comments, for inspiration.

Take notes and see how can you implement similar writing techniques.

3. Choose your main keyword to be the search term you would like to rank with organically, and place it at the start of the title.

For example, instead of The best scenes from Game of Thrones that never happened, use Game of Thrones: the best scenes that never happened. If you need ideas for keywords, a good place to start is Google’s free keyword planner. You can check the suitability of your keyword choice with free tools like TubeBuddy.

4. Use a number in your title, if relevant to your video, to rank higher in search results.

For example, 3 Awesome Ways to Cook Carrots.

5. Use capital letters wisely by either capitalizing each word, or using all caps to emphasize a single word.

Do not make every word in your title upper case, because it looks spammy and busy.

6. Assess your title with a headline analyzer such as Sharethrough's tool.

If the score is low, go through the previous steps to see where you could improve it.