Write a script for an explainer video

1. Write a sentence that explains a common problem faced by your prospects, outlines current available solutions, and points to their flaws.

For example, if you’re a software solution for booking appointments, you could write about the frustrations of someone wasting time going back and forth over email to find a suitable time to meet.

2. List the limitations or flaws of current available solutions.

For example, you could cover the limitations of other pieces of software: not human enough, they make mistakes, etc.

3. Write down 2–3 compelling arguments that show how your company differs from others and highlight the benefits of using your solution.

For example, if your rivals’ software is too clunky, show how streamlined and intuitive your software is.

4. End your script with a clear call to action to encourage users to commit to your solution.

For example, include a Sign up or Start a trial link.

5. Simplify and de-jargon your script by using a tool like the Hemingway Editor.

Your script needs to be easy to understand as possible.

6. Set a timer and read through your script at a slow pace.

The ideal length of an explainer video is between 90 and 120 seconds.

7. If your script exceeds 120 seconds, reduce the length of your content.

After an edit, set a timer again to check if your script is the right length.