Write a responsive search ad

1. Navigate to your ad group within Google Ads, select Ads, and click the blue + icon.

You can also click the blue + RESPONSIVE SEARCH AD prompt if available.

2. Select Responsive search ad from the dropdown menu.

3. Enter your final and display URLs into the relevant fields.

These fields may have been pre-populated based on inputs from other ads in your ad group. Your final URL is the landing page. All ads in the ad group must use the same root domain for the final URL. Display URL is optional, and lets you append your domain with an additional path, such as your keyword. This path won’t work if you type it directly into Google; it’s for display purposes only.

4. Create or edit 3 or more unique, 30 character long headline variants that include keywords from your ad group.

Include keywords from your ad group in your headlines to make the ad more relevant. You’ll see the keywords from your ad group above the headline section. Hover over each keyword to see how many impressions it received recently. Use variety in your headlines to avoid redundancy, since up to 3 may show in a single ad.

5. Create or edit 2 or more unique, 90 character long description variants.

As with other fields, such as headlines and final URLs, your descriptions may have been pre-populated based on inputs from other ads in your ad group. You can use existing ad copy as a starting point for creating descriptions. Up to 2 descriptions can show in a single ad, so use different messaging.

6. Pin any assets that you want to appear in a specific position by clicking the push pin icon and selecting the order.

Pinning multiple assets to the same location will rotate which one is served. For example, if two assets are pinned to Show this headline only in position 1, the ad will rotate which headline is showed when served. If content isn’t pinned, it can be served in any order.

7. Use the toggle buttons to advance through different ad combinations in the preview pane, check your ad strength, check for redundancy or missing ideas, and edit or pin your text to ensure each combination reads well.

The Ad strength panel will offer recommendations on what you can do to increase your ad strength, such as by adding more headlines, including keywords in your headlines, and making your headlines and descriptions more unique.